Police Human Rights Officers Course

On March 13-26, 2018 at PNP Training Service, Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City, PCINSP JUDE CRES G MILAN, OIC, Regional Human Rights Affairs Office 13 attended and satisfactorily completed all the requirements of the Program of Instruction (POI) for the Police Human Rights Officers Course (PHROC) Class 01-2018.  Out of 25 participants nationwide,  PCINSP MILAN ranked and graduated Number 1 with an average of 85.1.

The PHROC is designed to provide Police Human Rights Officer the necessary knowledge, skill, attitudes and values related to human Rights, International Humanitarian Laws, Human Rights-Based Policing and Human Rights Laws in the Philippines.  This also seek to create a “Pool of Competent and Eligible Police Human Rights Officers”  that would enable to lead and manage the PNP Human Rights Desks; address various human rights issues and concerns; conduct seminar on human rights-based policing and establish partnership with various sectors involved in human rights promotion and protection.