The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. (Sec 5, Art 3, 1987 Constitution)

All PNP personnel conducting operations against Muslim communities or against Muslim suspects shall ensure that the following guidelines are strictly observed:

  1. Don’t confront or argue with a Muslim regarding their customs, traditions, and religious beliefs;
  2. Threat all members of the society equally. Do not interfere with their freedom to practice their faith;
  3. Avoid conversation with Muslim women in secluded places except in an official capacity and concerns, and in the presence of their elders to avoid misinterpretation;
  4. Service of warrant of arrest or entry inside the Mosque when not barefooted is highly discouraged, except for highly compelling reason;
  5. Don’t force a Muslim’s head to touch the ground even when resistance arises during police operations because it is only during their prayer or religious rites that they vow their head to the ground in respect for “Allah”;
  6. Do not offer foods and drinks to Muslims if they are not allowed to take them according to their customs, traditions, and beliefs;
  7. Always respect the sanctity of the Mosques like other religious houses;
  8. It is highly encouraged for PNP personnel effecting search warrant or warrant of arrest to coordinate with Muslim elders, Imam or any of the leaders from the Muslim community to avoid miscommunication which may result to harmful confrontation between the parties;
  9. Prevent from exchanging prolonged eye to eye contact with Muslims because it may create discomfort to them even if they are arrested or under custodial investigation;
  10. Do not show a woman’s attention by addressing, touching or staring at her;
  11. Don’t ask men direct questions about their female relatives; and
  12. Don’t bring a dog or a pig into a Muslim’s home, community or mosque.