All PNP Personnel must Promote and protect the people’s right to freedom of and peaceful assembly. Therefore, PNP personnel must observe the following guidelines in conducting Civil Disturbance Management:

1. The PNP shall not interfere with the holding of a public assembly;

2. PNP contingent must be under the command of a PCO preferably with the rank of Police Senior Inspector;

3. PNP contingent must be detailed and stationed in a place at least one hundred (100) meters away from the area of demolition;

4. CDM contingent shall be in prescribed uniform and without firearm;

5. Avoid any verbal tussle against the demonstrator;

6. When required in the dispersal of violent demonstration, reasonable force may be applied in the minimum extent and if possible avoid hitting the face, head, neck, collarbones, elbows, knees, spinal column, feet, ankles, and other sensitive body parts but only hit violently resisting person(s) on fleshy or thick portions of the arms, torso, thighs, and legs;

7. Tear gas, smoke grenades, water cannons, or any similar anti-riot device may be used only when the public assembly is attended by actual violence or serious threats of violence, or deliberate destruction of property;

8. Observe maximum tolerance;

9. Never drag the protester by the hair or leg. Use 2-man or 4-man carry techniques to control and transport resisting protester from the protest area to the mobile patrol car or police vehicles;

10. Police officers are prohibited to obstruct, impede, disrupt, or otherwise deny the exercise of the right to peaceful assembly; and

11. Firearms are used only in accordance with the POP and never to disperse public assembly.