In the Conduct of Police Checkpoints, all PNP personnel must promote and protect the citizen’s rights to dignity, privacy, and freedom of movement. Hence, the following protocols must be observed:

1. The Checkpoint must be authorized, legal and in accordance with the POP;

2. Personnel must be kind and courteous;

3. Approach the motorist with holstered firearm, unless there is an imminent threat on the part of the police;

4. Search of vehicle is generally limited to a visual search;

5. Mulcting/asking anything directly or indirectly from the motorist is strictly prohibited;

6. Right against self incrimination of the motorist must be respected;

7. Never shout or indulge in prolonged conversation and argument with the motorists;

8. Avoid overreaction or aggression to the suspect/s;

9. Don’t force the driver and occupant/s of the vehicle to alight without valid reason;

10. Arrested person must be informed of the Miranda Rights, Rights under Custodial Investigation (RA7438), Anti- Torture rights under the Law and Anti-Enforced Disappearance Law;

11. Arrested person must be referred immediately to the nearest Police Station;

12. Seized drugs, contraband and other illegal items must be immediately photographed and inventoried. A copy of the inventory report shall be given to the suspect;

13. Warning shot or firing at a fleeing suspect is strictly prohibited, use of police sirens, mega phone and roadblock to stop the suspect are encouraged; and

14. Use only reasonable force to overcome resisting suspects.