CARAGA “Shield”

PRO13 Community Organizing for Peace and Development (COPD)

Consistent with strengthening of RJPSCC, personnel from maneuver units have undergone COPD training together with the AFP counterparts and are deployed in red areas jointly with the AFP troops.



The success in the defense of police stations in PRO 13 is attributed to the lessons learned gathered from previous engagements. These lessons have been incorporated and published into manuals and distributed to the line units. Pahinumdum is a Visayan dialect which means “Reminders”.

Target Hardening

On public safety, our main concern is the security of Economic Key Points that translates to investors’ confidence resulting in high economic viability of the region. PRO 13 is also implementing OPLAN “DEPENSA” – a security plan for vital installations and economic key points anchored on the Three Tiered Defense System.

a. Economic Key Points (Mining Areas, Corporate Firms)

These initiatives bear prolific outcomes; no mining companies were harassed by the insurgents and it barred the CNN from launching extortion activities to the business firms since its inceptions in 2011 after Taganito mining firm attack.

b. Vital Installations (Power Barge, Telecom/Cellsites)

Nasipit Power Barge & NGCP in Agusan del Norte are properly secured as it caters the power needs of almost all areas of Mindanao. Disruption of operations by lawless elements would have devastating effect.

c. Police Stations/Camps  

Likewise, we have intensified target hardening in our police stations/camps against NPA atrocities by adopting the following measures as shown.