2nd RHRAO Family Conference held

On or about 8:00AM of July 25, 2017, Regional Human Rights Affairs Office (RHRAO) 13 led by PCINSP JUDE CRES G MILAN, OIC held its 2nd Family Conference for 2017 at HPRO13 Conference Room, Camp Rodriguez, Butuan City participated by the Provincial/City Human Rights Officers and PNCOs of different PPOs and CPO of this PRO 13. Highlights of the family conference were the following:
a. Presentation of the 2nd Quarter 2017 Accomplishment of Provincial/City HRAO;
b. Regional HRAO 13 Administrative Announcements;
c. Presentation of RHRAO13 Scorecard;
d. Open Forum;
e. Lecture on Human Rights Based Policing and Basic Principles and Fundamentals of Human Rights;
f. Giving of Recognition; and
g. Distribution of Certificates.

Underscored the activity was the first of a kind teleseminar conducted through skype with PSUPT VERONICA PEÑALOSA, Chief, Policy and Capability Development Division, Human Rights Affairs Office as the Resource Speaker. She lectured and tackled on Human Rights Base Policing and Basic Principles and Fundamentals of Human Rights and showed video clips on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) which stressed that they too needs protection from any form of human rights violations. PSSUPT ERNESTO V FLORES, Deputy Regional Director for Operation administered the giving of Recognitions (Early Bird and Best provincial HRAO) and Certificates to the participants assisted by PCINSP MILAN. Activity ended at about 5:00PM of same date with a positive result.